Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daylight exposure.

Abi Titmuss has a great tits. Oh yes. Tits is the rotation point in the mens natural circle of life. So the best breasted models still rile the daylight and the bedlight ;)
She is like the loaded gun that need the proper care.
"Take her, Use her, Love her!"

In the Night

This is the part of the previous session. However, Abi Titmuss poses here all alone. Thanks to the photographer, there is a private and very erotic environment. If you love someone, the best way to enjoy this feeling is the night. And the model shows up these words perfectly.

Abi's interface.

"The extremely teasing play is what you can see in Abi's works. The top model, the celebrity and the kinky curves that takes your heart and tears it apart."
(c) Fans

Everyone who knows Abi agree with this statement. And the matter of fact that some of the celebrities are trying to look like her. This is the point that differs the second level stars from the headlining celebrities.

Through all the discovered images and calendar posts, we could not step away from the most playful photo shooting that engages a lot of 1st planned Hollywood stars. Best ofthe best and their copies are playing with Abi.